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Vonino Italia
T: +39 06 97626740
F: +39 06 94803269
E: assistenza[at]

Per ricevere assistenza sul Vs. prodotto Vonino si prega di indicare le seguenti informazioni:
1. Prova di acquisto
2. Nome completo
3. Indirizzo completo
4. Contatto telefonico
5. Descrizione del difetto riscontrato


What should I have ready before calling?
Your serial number ( S/N ) from the back of the tablet or on the box .
It is indicated that you provide us your model number, software version and other useful information about your product that will be useful for us to help you better.
Please be as specific as possible and provide maximum details. Remember that the specialist is basing his/her advice on the information that you provide.
Before calling to technical support get ready to answer the following questions:
Information about your tablet: model number, processor type, RAM capacity, the size of your Nand Flash and free space on it, as well as information about your peripherals.
Your operating system: name, version number, language.
What had you been doing before the problem appeared? Very often this information allows us to resolve your problem quickly.