Using the Phoenix Suite program

Go to the Phoenix Suite folder if you already downloaded it for driver installation or else download it from here.

Download and unzip the image file of the device from here.

If you are unsure what type of system on chip your device uses check Chip Manufacturer.

Launch the Phoenix Suite program.


This will be the main window.


In the program we are interested in two tabs Home and Firmware.

Firmware will allow us to upload the firmware image file of the device.

Home will show us the status of the connection to the device.

To upload the firmware file go to the firmware tab and press Image in order to browse to the location of the firmware file (this is usually a Disc Image File).


After uploading the Firmware image we should connect the device to the computer.

If the device is able to normally start and boot we just connect it to the computer via the USB cable.

On the device the following popup will appear:


Press OK.

If the device is not booting or starting up as normal keep the Volume Down key pressed, connect the USB cable to the device and short press the Power button 3-4 times the device will enter a debugging mode and it should appear as connected in the Home tab of the Phoenix Suite program.

In the Phoenix Suite program the device will appear as connected in the Home Tab.


After the device has connected successfully to the computer you can press the Upgrade button from the Firmware tab.

upgrade button

The following popups will appear, press Yes on both of them.



A progress bar showing the status of the firmware upgrade procedure will appear.


When the process has completed the following popup will appear.


The process is now complete.