SIM Card

Unlocking your SIM card

The SIM card for your device may have a PIN code enabled as default. When you insert the SIM card and power on the unit, if the battery LED flashes green and red, this indicates that your SIM card is locked with a PIN code. To unlock the card please enter the command below
*#→password→07->PIN Code→Func Key


Activate/ Deactivate the PIN Code

To toggle between activating and deactivating the PIN Code, please enter the following on your keypad
*#→password→07->PIN Code→Func Key


Changing your PIN Code
You may want to change your SIM card PIN code to something more memorable to do this you can enter the command below
*#→password→08->Existing PIN Code*→New PIN Code→ Func Key


PUK Code

If you enter an incorrect PIN code 3 times, then you will need to enter your PUK code in order to unlock your device. The battery keypad will flash slowly between green and red. To enter your PUK code please enter the command below
*#→password→09->PUK Code*→New PIN Code→ Func Key