Product Overview

The AG50 is an easy to install, use and maintain alert system, which can provide peace of mind and security without the need for an expensive security contract.
Some features described in this manual may not be supported by your service provider or may not be available with your network account. For details of the services and accounts available, contact your service provider.

SMS / Call Alerts if the Motion Sensor is Triggered
Notify up to 8 friends and neighbors via call or SMS when motion is detected to increase chances of a close-by responder. You can program up to 3 SMS numbers and 5 call numbers.

Emergency Backup Battery
An AC adaptor with a 9V backup battery provides continued functionality in the event of a power outage.

Remote Control Convenience
The arming and disarming of the AG50 Alert System can be triggered by keypad input or by sending an SMS from one of your registered numbers.

Affordable, Easy to Setup, Configure, and Use
A basic SIM card and prepaid / postpaid subscription provides increased peace of mind. To setup the device, you will simply need to insert the SIM card, and ensure network coverage. You are then ready to start using your AG50 Alert system.

Easy to use Main Unit
9 LED indicators represent the product status. The unit is also very easy to program and to modify the list of SMS / Call contacts.