Disarming the AG50

When disarming the AG50, you can disarm in multiple ways, and these are described below.

Normal Disarming
To disarm the AG50 in a normal manner enter the following:
*#->password->05->Arming Key Normal disarming

Duress Disarming
If you are forced to disarm the unit under duress, then SMS / Calls will still be made to the numbers
that are stored in your device. Disarm under duress by entering the following:
*#→password→03->Arming Key Duress disarming

Remote Disarming
You can also disarm the AG50 remotely via SMS. To do this the mobile number that you use to disarm the
AG50 will need to be programmed as one of the three SMS numbers. To disarm the AG50 / AX50 by SMS you
will simply need to send a text message saying ‘Disarm Alarm’ to the number that corresponds to the SIM
that is placed in the AG50 / AX50.