Main Unit Initial Setup

Your AG50 main unit will need a SIM card so that it can communicate with the wireless network. It also supports battery backup. Please follow the instructions below to install the SIM card and the 9V battery.

This is the main unit.


Flip the main unit on its back.


Remove the screw from the battery cover and pull the battery cover to the right.


Insert the SIM card in the left part of the space that the battery will occupy.

IMG_20180329_103255 IMG_20180329_103318

Connect the battery and place it in its designated space, the main unit will power up now.


Plug the power adapter into a wall socket and afterwards connect it to the main unit.


Slide the battery cover back and secure it by screwing it in place.


The main unit should be powered on now with 2 green LED’s one for POWER and one for SIGNAL(meaning the unit has connected to the network).