Arming the AG50

Siren Mode
In Siren mode, when the motion sensors are triggered, it will emit a high pitched continuous beep, until
the unit is disarmed. To activate Siren mode enter the following:
*#→password→01->Arming Key

Silent Mode
In Silent mode, when the alarm is triggered the high pitched continuous beep will not sound making the
intruder unaware that the alarm has been triggered, although SMS / Calls will be sent. To activate
Silent mode enter the following:
*#->password->02->Arming Key

Stay Mode
Occasionally you may want to alarm only a certain part of your house, and this can be achieved by using
Stay mode. Please note that only Zone 4 can be excluded when using stay mode.
In Stay mode, you can activate your alarm so that any motion in zones one, two or three will trigger the
alarm, but if there is any movement in zone four then the alarm will not be triggered. In Stay mode you
can choose whether the device emits a beep or stays silent when the alarm is triggered. To activate Stay
mode enter the following:
*#→password→01->Stay Key Stay Beep Mode
*#->password->02->Stay Key Stay Silent Mode

Remote Arming
You can also arm the AG50 remotely via SMS. To do this the mobile number that you use will need to be
programmed as one of the three SMS numbers. To arm the AG50 by SMS you will simply need to send a
text message saying ‘Arm Alarm’ to the number that corresponds to the SIM that is placed in the AG50.