Adding / Removing SMS Numbers

When your alarm is triggered in any zone, you can choose to send an SMS to up to 3 numbers. To add the SMS numbers into your AG50 please follow the instructions below.

*#→password→11→SMS Num.1*→SMS Num.1→Func Key
*#→password→12→SMS Num.2*→SMS Num.2→Func Key
*#→password→13→SMS Num.3*→SMS Num.3→Func Key

Adding the first SMS number
*#→password→11→1234567890*→1234567890→Func Key

Please note that you have to enter the desired number twice. The number that you entered will need to match. If the numbers do not match then the unit will beep 3 times. If the numbers match then you will hear 2 beeps.

To remove the SMS numbers please enter the details below.

*#→password→20→Func Key Delete all SMS telephone numbers
*#→password→21→Func Key Delete number 1
*#→password→22→Func Key Delete number 2
*#→password→23→Func Key Delete number 3